845 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 946E

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Welcome to The Dress Doctor


Centrally located in Water Tower's Executive Suites, Soheila Ghofrani and her expert seamstresses at The Dress Doctor, Inc. have demonstrated their loyalty by satisfying clients in the greater Chicago area, nationally, and internationally for over 25 years.

The Dress Doctor has made it a custom to cater to all clients, to all styles, and all ever-changing trends. The team has gone to great lengths to personally connect with each client in order to envision their requests and ensure absolute fulfillment.

From simply re-sewing a button onto your new leather jacket, to restyling your mother's vintage wedding gown, The Dress Doctor's bag contains the diagnosis for any fabric feeling unwell. We are able to make a copy of your favorite vintage ensemble, emulate an outfit you saw in a magazine, custom design your wardrobe and even do interior design. Once your fabrics go under the knife, you can expect to be 100% satisfied!